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Family Cleaning Business from Helsinki

We are a responsible Finnish-Filipino company.

We are IsoJoo! – a family business in cleaning and property maintenance founded in 2001. We perform home and business cleanings as well as yard and garden maintenance work in the Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, Kauniainen, Kirkkonummi, and Sipoo areas. Our operations are based on the following values that are really important to us and also mean a lot to our customers.

Genuinely responsible and caring. We take good care of our employees. All our professionals are from the Philippines, and they now live permanently in Finland. We ensure a guaranteed income level and good living conditions for them. For example, we pay significantly better than the collective agreement salary, offer good benefits, and quality equipment for performing work.

We also assist in all aspects of adapting and succeeding in Finnish society and enable working humanely without overwhelming rush, which benefits both our staff's well-being and our service to customers.

Cheerful and hardworking, familiar professionals. Our workers are known for being exceptionally hardworking and cheerful, honest workhorses, whose faces often show a smile. They have received much praise from our customers and have become very familiar to them.

You can communicate with our employees in English, which is the official language of the Philippines. They speak English very well and are continuously learning Finnish, so chatting in Finnish is also possible. If you don't speak English, don't worry, our employees know what to do even without instructions! If desired, a Finnish-speaking person can be present.

We thoroughly train our staff, and we always strive to have the same people working in each location. We don't rotate our workers, so you get a familiar regular cleaner or a pair for services like regular home cleaning, who you also know by name.

High quality of work and service. Cleaning is a skill where you can see the difference between a professional and an amateur. Our workers are trained professional cleaners, equipped with safe, ecological, and fragrance-free cleaning agents and tools.

The requirements for our workers' skills are high, but so are other aspects of our company. This is a prerequisite for quality work and serving our customers.

We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee! We promise high quality on every visit to the customer. If there are deficiencies in the cleaning or other work we perform, we will rectify it at the same price or compensate in the price.

Adherence to schedules. Punctuality is important! We arrive at the agreed time. Our workers travel by car, and their work is logically planned, so there is no need to rush through cleanings at the expense of schedules or quality of work.

Building a good Finnish society together. By using our services, you significantly help good people build a good Finnish society. Together we succeed!

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee Ensures a Safe Order

This means that we keep our promise of high quality on every visit! If there are deficiencies in the cleaning, we will complete them at the same price or compensate for the deficiencies in the price. Thus, ordering from us is always completely safe.

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