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Precise quality cleaning services in the Capital Region

From a family business that cares about its customers and staff.

We are a Finnish-Filipino family business, serving you, whether you're a household or an entrepreneur, in cleaning as well as garden and yard work throughout the year. From us, you get a trained professional cleaner whose work quality is genuinely good. We also have clear hourly pricing with no unexpected additional costs.

All our employees are from the Philippines and are permanent residents in Finland. We truly care about our staff and act responsibly in all aspects of their employment, from salary to training and accommodation. A well-being, financially secure staff is a matter of the heart for us.

We have received much praise for our workers' meticulousness and lively service. When familiar faces always greet you with a smile, you'll want to order our service again. Read more on our company page about our values and ways of operating.

Ask for the cleaning service you need and be pleasantly surprised. Or order cleaning as a gift for a loved one in the form of a gift card! We operate in the areas of Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, Kauniainen, Kirkkonummi, and Sipoo.

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Our customers say

"I am really satisfied with the window cleaning. Perfect finish, not a single streak, and the windows look like new, frames and all bright and fine. The blinds are also now like new. I received friendly service and great work. I recommend IsoJoo! cleaning service." – Leena N., Espoo

"The cleaners are really friendly, considerate, and cheerful. It's very pleasant cleaning work. Everything works like a dream, and my home shines clean. I regularly order IsoJoo! service." – Johanna K., Helsinki

"It's great that the cleaners don't change, but know my home. And schedules are strictly adhered to, which makes it easy to schedule cleaning into my day. Also, the price is exactly what was agreed upon in advance." – Juhani S., Helsinki

"Clearing the terrace, pressure washing, and brushing the walls made my terrace a cozy place again. The wood regained its beautiful color, no longer gray, and the walls are white and the glasses clear. I thought before that it needs to be remodeled! I saved a large amount of money for a small fee." – Elina A., Vantaa

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does home cleaning cost?

Thanks to the household deduction, you can deduct up to 60% of the labor cost directly from your taxes. Therefore, our hourly rate of €39.90/h will cost you only €15.96/h after the deduction. Thus, for instance, a €139 job will cost you only €55.60 after the household deduction. More about the household deduction ›

Can I be at home during the cleaning?

You can certainly be at home while cleaning is happening. However, we hope that our cleaners can work in full peace. Usually, we arrange the cleaning for a time when you are not at home. Then you can enjoy returning to a clean and fresh home!

Do I need to give the cleaner a key to my home?

It's not necessary if access can be arranged otherwise. However, you can safely give us your home key, as we store it in a safe. You will receive a receipt for the key, and we take responsibility for its storage. The key will not have your name or address on it, but a secret code. You can also tell us a spare key's location or be there to meet us at the door.

What does the cleaner think of my home?

Don't worry! Our professional cleaners do not judge your home but focus on their work. Our cleaners are happiest when they can make a significant improvement to the comfort of your home. So, do not clean your home for the cleaner.

Will my privacy be maintained?

Our cleaners are discreet people and have signed confidentiality agreements. Therefore, they have an absolute duty of silence. They do not talk about homes even among themselves, unless it's a common cleaning target. Cleaners never open home cabinets or drawers unless specifically agreed upon. We can also agree to leave certain areas outside the cleaning. Cleaners also are not allowed to take pictures in homes. You can thus fully trust the maintenance of your privacy.

What if I'm not completely satisfied with the result?

We have a very high customer satisfaction rate. However, if you are not satisfied with some detail, please tell us immediately, and we will be happy to correct it. Depending on the situation, we can clean again or fix the work in the area where there are deficiencies. We can also compensate for the deficiency in the cleaning price. So, you get a 100% satisfaction guarantee! Ordering is completely safe.

What if an accident occurs during cleaning?

All our cleaners are careful professionals, but accidents can happen to anyone. For such incidents, we have liability insurance with Pohjola Vakuutus Oy, so we always repair or compensate for any damage we cause. The workers are also insured by Pohjola Vakuutus Oy, and they have a occupational health agreement with Terveystalo Oy.

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100% satisfaction guarantee ensures a safe order

This means that we keep our promise of high quality on every visit! If there are deficiencies in the cleaning, we will complete them at the same price or compensate for the deficiencies in the price. Thus, ordering from us is always completely safe.

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